So I just finished studying three of my school text books (i am an IT student and my textbooks are written by Indians BTW) so this was no easy task, I actually didn’t think I could do it.

I decided a few weeks back that prior to my exams I should finish studying three major courses, I made up my mind and to my amazement I did do it, despite all the challenges (I had no reading table and the daily power failure). I did it

I know to some people this might be a very small task but I believe, start small end big, I’m currently taking a break, but boy am I happy to have reached my goal, it is such an amazing feeling, I have so many other goals and currently walking on attaing.

Seeing decisions through to the end can be said to be one of the things that makes us resourceful and reliable persons, make up ur mind to finish that book, take that trip, be with that person, finishschool, audition for that movie, record that song, or whatever, just don’t give up cause it got hard. Give yourself a motivation and never loose site of your goal you would be glad you never did.


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I am an IT student, currently modeling and acting also, I love to have fun.. I read, write, see movies, go out to town and basically live, I am a Christian mainly by lifestyle and also by religion. I believe the power to change the word is right in my heart. So let's do this people! Xoxo


7 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. Great write up🙌👏… I usually have difficulties
    On decision making but with goals life is much easier for me. I try to set goals daily and achieve them. work with goals and see ur life transform.


  2. Nice one dear. 👍. I had issues with sticking to the decisions I make. But trust me I’ve got goals all lined up and I’m taking one step at a Time to achieve them by holding on to my watchword which says “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. It really helped me and can also help you.


  3. U ar multi talented,I like ur kind of person, a christ like by lifestyle and by religon, 9ice blog,let excellence be ur drive.


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