Whilst we live on our life and continue to experience, stereotyping became something people just had to do and yeah, we just had to accept it as there was no other way of dealing with it, i mean its pretty annoying when some random person thinks they got you all figured out simply because of  your gender, race or even age like WHAT?…

But then what i consider inexcusable is branding yourself with a stereotype, i would like to understand why tho and not just assume, is it the conflict of making decisions or just a sheer cliché  acceptance thing?

I agree everybody wants to be accepted, to be or to feel like a part of something, friendships that go on forever.. but at what cost? Ourself worth? our decisions? true happiness? {pulse} i know the whole standing out thing seems too far-fetched  but what is a person without their decisions.   It might be wrong yea, or probably right, nevertheless it is and remains a product of our heart and mind, this way whatever comes out of it we face knowing it was every bit of us. making a decision simply because thats what people of our race would do defeats the purpose of living, of being a person.  YES i love my skin color, but NO i refuse to make a decision because i am black {but still proud}

Everybody talks about changing the world, but a world full of people refusing to stand out is going nowhere. It is your mind.. own it, it is your heart… feel it, it is your life.. live it, never stop fighting, never stop making a difference. 

God bless the universe….



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I am an IT student, currently modeling and acting also, I love to have fun.. I read, write, see movies, go out to town and basically live, I am a Christian mainly by lifestyle and also by religion. I believe the power to change the word is right in my heart. So let's do this people! Xoxo

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