hello, are you there?

Back and forth i have gone, over and over again, wondering just if you are there,… countless times i have called, but to no one it seems,

hello, are you there? there is something i have to tell you, so would you please borrow me your time. the system is broken who is going to fix it? our dreams have become just that ‘dreams’ they have been squelched, their very essence choked out, again and again beaten down and now with those swollen blue eyes they peek out wondering, is dis it?

I remember us as kids, all we had were dreams, nothing seemed impossible, we woke up with the excitement of the future, a future where you were a pilot and i was the president of my country, a future where our friends did not get kidnapped on a daily, a future where things got better and not worst, a future where the system actually worked! Now all i hear is how messed up everything is, first it was how hard it was to get jobs, or how people got laid off, then the security climb downhill, now we can barely eat, hello…. are you there?! i need you to hear this.

Whatever happened, to that phrase we used to hear on the radio ‘one day e go better’ hahaha when is that day going to ever come? isn’t that day here already? i mean how long much longer do we have to wait, because i don’t know about you but my vigor weakens, I look up at the sky every night, i stare right at the stars picturing the universe right in front of me and i scream ‘is this a joke’?! like is this your idea of some twisted tale with rough plots that ends beautiful like when sleeping beauty finally wakes up to the kiss by her prince charming and everything becomes alright, is this you making us work hard before you show us the beauty inside you? hello… are you still there?

SO what happens now, they say the government done exploit the people, that our fathers are reaping what they sowed, the endless war in Syria or the continuous victimization in northern Nigeria, i have had enough of it! the ache in my heart every time i see the news, the emotion torture on yahoo, the strain in my head every time i  come on the internet.

I almost gave up on it all, say well that’s it and call it a day, almost folded my arms, shook my head and went home, but NO, No, we cant do that, if the world is broken lets fix it, if its all messed up lets try to get everything in its place, you would sweep the floors, i would clean the cobwebs and someone else would clean the windows, don’t you see we all have a part to play, i cannot do this alone and you cannot do it without me, can’t you see we supposed to be in this together? if you give up ,then i fail, if i leave then the load weighs down on you until you faint, c’mon… cant you see we need each other, all we really have is each other.

if you have lost hope tell me, we would rebuild together, and if you don’t think we are worth it then don’t do it for us, do it for our kids, do it for the world unborn…               Don’t loose faith now, don’t ever.

hello.. are you there?



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I am an IT student, currently modeling and acting also, I love to have fun.. I read, write, see movies, go out to town and basically live, I am a Christian mainly by lifestyle and also by religion. I believe the power to change the word is right in my heart. So let's do this people! Xoxo

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